What is Digital Life Academy's relationship with The Six Figure Mentors? +

Digital Life Academy is accredited Affiliates and member of The Six Figure Mentors. This means Aaron Shepherd founder of Digital Life Academy receives ‘affiliate commission’ when referring a new customer/member to the Six Figure Mentors.

How does SFM pay commissions that I may earn? +

Payments are made once a month by bank transfer, Paypal, cheque or prepaid credit card.

What previous experience do I need? +

Thats a very normal question to ask for anyone considering starting an online business. The good news is you don’t need any experience, in fact many of our top affiliates started with no previous experience at all. In fact sometimes previous experience means you ca=ome into a new business with preconceptions. As a result of that you may even come in with some bad habits and bad ideas, about how internet businesses should be run. People who have those preconcieved ideas don’t follow the business system the way it’s meant to be followed, so no previous experience can be a big advantage!

What does it cost to start working with SFM? +

This depends entirely on what goals you have, the training you choose, the size of your income goal and in what time period you want to achieve it.  We recommend an initial capital of $2400 plus a monthly budget of about $300 – $500 to start.  That includes an investment in Basic & Elite membership plus a monthly budget to cover the membership fee and a marketing budget. However, you have the option to choose a more advanced or beginner levels if you wish.

Am I contracted in for a long period? +

SFM has 30 day guarantee at the Basic membership level. This means, in the unlikely event you are not happy or you simply change your mind, you can request your money back immediately with no questions asked.  With all SFM products, the rules that apply are available to read and are made clear, before you purchase anything.

Do I need to sell SFM products? +

Without a doubt one of the big advantages you have as an SFM student, is you have the ability to leverage our digital business system in order to be able to go out their and make affiliate sales and commissions. There are also many products and tools available to promote in the SFM’s sister company Digital Experts Academy, like Digital Business Lounge which is a product that provides website hosting in addtion to providing many marketing tools. But in terms of do you have to do it in order to make money, absolutely not. One piece of advice is you should never ever sell anything you don’t truly believe in, because the fastest way to get results is to either sell something you’re extremely passionate about, or that you really believe in. And the education SFM provides you with is designed to teach you to become self sufficient. and being tied to selling one company’s products and services definitely isn’t self sufficient..

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